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One Tree Planted is a nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. We are teaming up with Players For The Planet, a non-profit organization working to unite all athletes to bring lasting and measurable transformation to the Earth.

  • As an avid outdoorsman I understand the importance of renewing the habitats that give us so much life. That’s why this season I will be donating 50 trees for every save to reforestation in Wisconsin to improve wildlife habitats and a healthy and productive National Forest for the present and future.
    -Josh Hader
  • Excited to be joining the Playing for Reforestation efforts to restore California forests that were destroyed as a result of last years forest fires.
    -Stephen Piscotty
  • I am glad to join Players for the Planet and One Tree Planted once again to plant trees for every extra base hit and stolen base in the 2022 season.
    -Tony Kemp
  • It was painful to watch my home state of California suffer through record breaking destruction of the California fires last year which is why I’m excited to Play for Reforestation. I will be contributing 150 trees for every strikeout this season.
    -Lucas Giolito
  • Our planet is one of a kind, and it is past time that we started taking care of it. I am passionate about creating a cleaner and more sustainable world for all of us not only now, but more importantly for generations to come. I hope that this partnership is a great first step in coming together to help inspire people to love and cherish our planet.
    -Ryan Burr
  • One of my favorite off-season activities is playing Disc Golf. Oftentimes these courses are surrounded by trees in heavily wooded areas. I like the ones where you feel like you're out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nature.
    -Dylan Cease
  • For every hold this season I'll be committing 100 trees to urban communities that suffer from lack of urban tree canopy. These communities are at greater risks of heat related illness, respiratory issues, lack of shade and access to green spaces.
    -Devin Williams
  • Happy to be joining Players for the Planet and One Tree Planted for the second season. In addition to fruit trees here in Milwaukee, I am committing to reforestation right here in our own backyard of Wisconsin. This will help to maintain and enhance watershed function and improve wildlife habitat for tourist attraction.
    -Brent Suter
  • I grew up camping with my dad, and some of my best memories are in the forest. I want to be able to share that with my kids one day.
    -Chasen Shreve
  • I’m excited to join the Playing for Reforestation movement for the 2022 season. My home state of Iowa suffered through numerous storms in which trees were destroyed. I realize the positive impact that trees have in our communities which is why I’m looking forward to restoring trees in my hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
    -Mitch Keller
  • I'm funding a tree planting event in St. Louis! I think giving back to help reforestation is important for animal habitat and to ensure a healthy state of our environment.
    -Drew Verhagen
  • I feel great about having the opportunity to make this pledge through Players for the Planet and One Tree Planted. It’s awesome that all of us in the league who are involved can use our performances on the field to do some real good and raise awareness for the importance that trees play in everyone’s lives, no matter who or where they are.
    -Paul Dejong
  • I'm funding a tree planting event in San Francisco! I think giving back to help urban reforestation is important for the health and well being of the community. I like connecting with nature and living an organic life, so anything I can do to help maintain and grow our environment.
    -Evan Longoria


Make an impact with a player by automatically matching their donations per play!

Lucas Giolito

Donate when I get a strike out

Ryan Burr

Donate when I get a strike out

Dylan Cease

Donate when I get a strike out

Shane Bieber

Donate when I get a strike out

Tony Kemp

Donate when I get an extra-base hit or steal a base

Stephen Piscotty

Donate when I get an extra-base hit

Chad Kuhl

Donate when I get a strike out

Brent Suter

Donate when the Brewers win

Devin Williams

Donate when I get a hold

Josh Hader

Donate when I get a save

Kyle Funkhouser

Donate when I get a strike out

Paul DeJong

Donate when I get an extra-base hit

Drew Verhagen

Donate when I get a strike out

Chasen Shreve

Donate when I get a strikeout

Evan Longoria

Donate when I get a hit

Mitch Keller

Donate when I get a strike out